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Product specification

Special features

  • Use of tried and tested components (modular principle).
  • Special brushing system for optimum cleaning of wind power poles (total brush width: approx. 1600 mm).
  • Rotation of the cleaning brushes via the high-pressure water supply (no further power supply lines necessary).
  • Additional wheels as spacers for brush heads.
  • Transfer of the water supply from the side to the centre feed line.
  • Determination of the centre of gravity of the attachment to the cable system.
  • Mobile installation of the cleaning system at the tower plant.
  • Operative on stand, near water sources.
  • Transport trolley with balloon tires for easy transport on rough terrain.
  • Construction of the carrier elements made of coated aluminium and stainless steel.
  • All water pipes are designed for technical water.

Technical data

Brush width ± 1550 mm
Brush diameter ± 550 mm
Balance of movement max. 1000 mm
Running wheel ∅ big 500 mm
Running wheel ∅ small 260 mm
Total weight ± 90 kg
Traffic load on the surface to be cleaned min. 20 kp/m²
(197 N/m²)
max. 82 kp/m²
(807 N/m²)
Water pressure min. 120 bar (1740 psi)
max. 160 bar (2300 psi)
Water quantity min. 9 l/min.
(1.98 gal/min (UK))
max. 12 l/min.
(2.64 gal/min (UK))
Revolutions regulated via water quantity ja
Lowering speed max. 24 m/min
*depending on degree of soiling
max. 18 m²/min

Alterations in construction reserved

Benefits for users

  • Weather-independent.
  • Minimises labour costs.
  • Easy handling.
  • Thanks to the constant rotation of the brushes and the defined and uniform pressure, a consistently good and, above all, fast cleaning result is achieved.
  • Long standstill times of the wind power plants are avoided because of the fast cleaning results.

Economic arguments

  • Fast cleaning result – up to five times faster compared to manual cleaning methods.
  • Minimised water consumption, as water is consumed only during cleaning.
  • The whole hyCLEANER® WINDKRAFT concept is service-friendly and requires only low maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly: Perfect cleaning results without adding chemicals or other cleaning agents.
  • Use of commercially available components.
  • Value maintenance of the wind tubine, since regular cleaning prevents damages caused by permanent soiling.

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